Next time you find yourself needing to rise above the rest, whether it’s to clean your gutters, inspect your roof or paint your highset house, consider hiring your cherry picker from Signman Says.

Looking to Hire a Cherry Picker?

Best Hourly Hire Rate in Brisbane!

We have a brand new trailer mounted NIFTY 120T available for hire to Signman Says clients and other sign makers when it’s not in use by our own installers or repairers. You won’t find a better hourly rate for a cherry picker hire in Brisbane.

 Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane

For Residential & Commercial Use

Have you ever found yourself grabbing out the old ladder with the intention of cleaning out your gutters for the next wet season, only to set it up and think to yourself, “this is not going to work”? Or how about the last time you tried to paint your highset house, constant climbing, painting, climbing back down, moving the ladder – repeat, repeat, repeat. It took far too long last time and you won’t do it again. What’s the quickest and safest alternative to the ladder? The cherry picker.


Our Pricing

$210 + GST for 24 hour hire and 2 harnesses

Cherry picker hire in Brisbane is not easy to come across, luckily Signman Says has got you covered. For a mere $210 + GST for 24 hour hire and 2 harnesses, you can get all those jobs done that you’ve put off for the last couple years. Clean the gutters, inspect the roof, paint or touch up the house. Whatever your need and wherever you are – the cherry picker can get you there.

Sound like a Good Deal?

Product Details

Cherry Picker Hire in BrisbaneSignman Says’ cherry picker hire in Brisbane gives you a versatile telescopic boom cherry picker that delivers unrivalled working outreach. The cherry picker is equipped with hydraulically operated outriggers to make setting up quick and easy. Telescopic axles combined with the compact base make this one of the most manoeuvrable trailer mounted cherry pickers for hire in Brisbane.

Specs include: 6.10 metre outreach, 12.20 metre height, power supplied by petrol and battery, 200 kilogram safe working weight, 1.1 x 0.65 metre platform size, hydraulic controls and outriggers, telescopic axles, hand pump operated manual recovery system, dual controls, dual harness points, and overrun brakes with gas spring hand brake. These specs combine to create the safest, most durable, easily manoeuvrable, and highest reaching cherry picker for hire in Brisbane.


We’ll Rent to Anyone!

Cherry picker hire is available for all individuals, businesses, Signman Says clients and other sign makers. Whether you’re in need of a quick boost to inspect the gutters, put up the annual Christmas lights, install that freshly made sign for your business, or clean those dirty windows – if you have the need, we have the cherry picker.


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For more information on cherry picker hire in Brisbane, or any other signage need, including – graphic design, site measure and analysis, manufacturing of various signs, installation of various signs, sign maintenance, sign repairs, corflute printing and window frosting, contact Signman Says on (07) 3252 9899.

To see full specifications of our Nifty 120T Trailer mounted cherry picker click here.