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Car Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

What is the easiest and most cost efficient way to get exposure for your business? Make a Facebook page? Do a public stunt? Here's the answer – car advertising.

Brand Your Car With Signman Says

Signman Says offer the best tailored solutions for vehicle signage using the best vinyl wrap in Brisbane. Choose from 2 car vinyl wrapping options and customise your brand message.

*See below for information about vehicle wrap inclusions.

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Product Description

Our vehicle signage solutions

There are two different types of car signage:

1. digitally printed adhesive vinyl wrap
2. adhesive vinyl lettering.

Both are extremely effective in building awareness for your business, and each provide a specialised look for your car.

Digitally Printed Adhesive Vinyl

Digitally printed adhesive vinyl wrap is specially formulated to conform to your vehicle’s shape. The prints are supplied finished using a UV clear laminate which ensures premium quality and outdoor durability. Each print can be wrapped around the entire body or it can be wrapped around a specific section depending on your design and needs.

What about a sign on your rear window?
Signman Says can also do ‘one-way vision‘ vinyl, where a digitally printed vinyl is wrapped around a windscreen allowing the driver to see through, while advertising your business to those outside.

Vehicle wrap sizes and inclusions

Please note the price estimates provided online do not include rear window signage or coverage of the roof, however these options can be added for an extra cost. The following image is an example of the coverage that the quarter, half and full wrap estimates include.

Vehicle wrap sizes image

Adhesive Vinyl Lettering

Adhesive vinyl lettering is a basic, yet effective form of car advertising where vinyl lettering is cut using a durable and long lasting vinyl. It is perfect for simply getting your business name out there with quick contact details. Adhesive vinyl lettering is available in over 300 colours, allowing you to create that perfect look without breaking the bank.

The vinyl is heated and pressed into the contours as your vehicle is ‘wrapped’. We can wrap a small section of the vehicle or cover the entire surface; including fitting digitally printed ‘one way vision’ vinyl to rear windscreens. The driver can still clearly see out of the vehicle’s back window and onlookers can clearly see the message.

Our adhesive vinyl lettering is cut from a quality outdoor, durable and long lasting vinyl. It’s available in over 300 colours, allowing you to create exactly the look you’re after at the price you can afford.

How About A More Flexible & Cheaper Alternative?

Prefer to have the flexibility to remove the signage when you want to? Consider our car magnets instead.

Contact us to discuss your needs or request a quote – all quotes are given freely and without obligation.