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Corflute & PVC Signs

Corflute signs in Brisbane are the original form of advertising. They're simple, cost effective, and perfect for getting your point across.

Give Me an Example

Let's take your local pizza store for example, or any pizza store around the world for that matter – head on over and what do you see? A corflute sign out the front of the store. Promos including: Cheap Tuesdays, $7.95 specials, and countless other daily deals. Do they work? Yes! If you've got an important message to share on a tight budget then corflute signs are the way to go.

Corflute & PVC signs
Corflute & PVC signsCorflute sign exampleBrisbane home builders corflute

Product Description

Signman Says’ corflute signs in Brisbane are made out of high quality corflute backing. Designs can be applied through adhesive vinyl lettering, digitally printed with adhesive vinyl, directly screen printed, or digitally printed to suit your needs and desires. All corflute signs result in an outstandingly high quality finished product that can be cut in standard or customised sizes. Each Brisbane corflute sign has the option of being printed single or double sided.

Example Uses of Corflute Signs Brisbane

Storefronts – such as the pizza store example mentioned earlier
Inside Stores – take a look at what’s hanging up in every department store in your area! Event Promotion – a quick and easy way to get your band’s next album release some professional exposure.
Private House Sales – sell your house privately with a corflute sign at the front of your house, protests – nothing gets your point across clearer than a freshly printed corflute sign.

Benefits of Corflute Brisbane

One of the major advantages of corflute signs is that they can be used long term (around 5 years daily use in all weather), or used for a specific sale and stored away for use later on. Signman Says can print a single sign, or a thousand signs – whatever your need, it can be done. In the event that corflute is unsuitable for your needs, Signman Says offers a PVC alternative.

PVC Signs – The Alternative Option

We apply adhesive vinyl lettering or digitally printed adhesive vinyl, directly screen or digitally print to our quality corflute or PVC backings to create an outstanding finished product in a standard or customised size. You simply tell us what you want and we’ll create the artwork, or you can supply your finished art files and we’ll manage the production.

Leave it to Signman Says to create one or one thousand single or full-colour corflute or PVC signs. You’ll be very happy with the finished product and the final price.