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LED Signs Brisbane

Attract the attention you deserve with a LED sign in Brisbane from Signman Says. It will do the hard work for you and bring customers through your doors.

We have two types of LED signs available – changeable message and ‘open’ signs.

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Product Description

The Signman Says changeable message LED signs in Brisbane are commonly used outdoors. They are available in all sizes, from the very big to the very small. They can be manufactured double or single sided in many different LED colours. As the name suggests, the message is changeable, using a laptop or wireless connection – and comes with many delivery options including flashing, scrolling, static and more. You are in total control which means you decide what you say and how and when you say it.

The Signman Says ‘open’ signs are great communicators. They boldly and brightly advise when your business is open – with one of these in place, no potential customer will ever make the incorrect assumption that your business is closed. Our ‘open’ LED signs can be plugged into a standard power point. They offer different flash and static display options.

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