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Light Boxes Brisbane

Do you often find that your business sign is just not standing out or getting the intended attention? Perhaps it is just blending into the background and the countless surrounding signs pressing for attention? Then Signman Says, Brisbane’s one stop sign shop, has a solution for you; Light boxes.

Stand Out Among the Crowd

Installing a Light Box in Brisbane is a great choice if you are aiming to create an eye catching display that will automatically draw the eye to your business, as the human eye is automatically drawn to light. It also allows you to stand out at night, whilst your competitors signs can no longer be seen.

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Product Description

Light boxes, are a type of  illuminated sign that is made out of an aluminium box that has lights inside, that then illuminate the design on the face of the box. The type of lightboxes in Brisbane in which Signman Says install, are internally illuminated through using energy efficient fluorescent lighting tubes. This type of lighting makes for a cost effective and environmentally friendly lighting display.

How Many Sides do you Want Lit?

The size and frames of the boxes can vary in size, ranging from 120mm to 200mm. The size and frame of the boxes will depend on the client’s needs, and whether the client wishes for a single or double sided Lightbox.

Light Boxes in Brisbane that Last!

Signman Says lighting displays differ from their competitors in the way that they last the test of time, and are designed specifically to have a high impact on viewers.

Signman says offer a range of different lightboxes faces including an opal acrylic face, and a translucent flex face.

Call us today to get a free quote and to discuss all your signage needs, and get your business name illuminated above and beyond the surrounding signs.