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Once upon a time, the bright neon lights were reserved for the likes of the famous Gold Coast glitter strip. Today, neon signs are used by those who want to grab attention, get noticed and stand out. Signman Says can design a neon sign in Brisbane that will do exactly that and more for your business.

Commonly Used By

Neon signs are designed to be simple and attention grabbing. They can effectively communicate important messages such as: OPEN or NO VACANCIES. Thus, they are commonly used by motels, casinos, small businesses and shopsmedical centres and night clubs or bars.

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Product Description

Our Brisbane neon signs will reflect your business to a tee. We’ll use our experience to help you to design a sign that will enhance your overall image and appeal. It will shine bright at night and be easily readable during the day.

We’re Flexible with Functionality & Design

We can use tubular glass that is coloured, so your sign will look almost the same day and night, or we can use clear glass that is filled with gas, so your sign will display clear through the day and have a coloured glow at night. We can use the neon on its own or add 3D fabricated letters. You decide whether you want your sign to flash or remain static.

At Signman Says, we’ll combine our innovative computer design capabilities with top quality materials and fit your sign to almost any surface, indoors or out. This includes fitting your sign to an acrylic fabricated box for display inside a window.

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