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Win your customers’ confidence and business with a reception sign that makes them feel good about being there and doing business with you. Signman Says has the experience to help you make the right statement and create the right mood with your reception signs in Brisbane.

What's Popular?

We manufacture our sign backings from acrylic and glass in a range of sizes up to 3000 x 1500mm. Acrylic backings are very popular. They are light and easy to install, and clear acrylic looks very similar to glass when the edges are flame polished or mill finished.

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Product Description

We fit our sign backings with adhesive vinyl cut artwork, digitally printed artwork, laser cut acrylic lettering, or a combination of all three! This gives you the flexibility to include text, logos and graphics.

We pin the acrylic or glass to your wall using 25mm architectural wall spacers to add to the class and elegance of your Brisbane reception sign’s design.

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