Window Frosting Brisbane

Window Frosting Brisbane

Gain Privacy in Your Office with Window Frosting whilst Maintaining Elegance and Professionalism

It's time for a change in the building, a few of the main offices need that little bit more privacy – but a new wall is far too expensive and not as versatile as the current glassed windows. You could fill the glass with posters, but that will look tacky…not to mention the other side of the window. The only other option is window frosting. Window frosting in Brisbane is one of the most versatile changes you can make to any home, office or building. It allows for maximum privacy while still maintaining the perfect amount of light for any room or office. Alongside this, window frosting is an extremely cost effective form of heat and glare reduction.

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Window Frosting
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Product Description

Uses for Window Frosting

The beauty of window frosting in Brisbane is that it has a great number of uses, both inside the home or office, and out. You can create the perfect meeting room, cut off an entire section of a building (in effect, creating a virtual wall), use it in the bathroom for maximum privacy, or kill two birds with one stone and use it in the windows at reception with your logo perfectly etched into the film – a cost efficient form of advertising mixed with privacy!

Two Types of Finishes

Signman Says’ window frosting in Brisbane raises the bar to introduce a new level of elegance, and is available in two specialised finishes – crystal and dusted.

1. Crystal window frosting features small crystal particles to create an elegant sparkle
2. Dusted window frosting creates a matte finish.

Both types of frosting are extremely refined in their finish and can be cut to display any text, image, logo, or other graphic. Display your name on your office door, your company’s logo at the entrance of the building, if you’re a small business use it on your windows to display your business and contact info – the possibilities are endless.

It Also Reduces Heat!

If you’re after that sandblasted or etched glass effect, window frosting to reduce heat and glare, while maximising privacy and light, window advertising or corporate detailing – fill out the request a quote form above.

Contact Signman Says Today!

Whether you’re seeking to frost an entire window or a small section, leave it to the experts at Signman Says. We’ll create the effect of sandblasted or etched glass with our cost effective frosting films. We have two types on offer – crystal and dusted.

Signman Says can use state-of-the-art technology to cut shapes or logos into the frosted film, adding a unique touch and giving you the flexibility to incorporate text, images, logos and other graphics into your design.

Contact us to discuss your needs or request a quote – all quotes are given freely and without obligation.