You wouldn’t run your car without a regular service – so a routine inspection of your illuminated and neon signs serves the same purpose – it minimises downtime and maximises performance. It can also extend the lifespan of your sign.

Signman Says can customise a maintenance schedule to suit your requirements. During a typical maintenance visit we assess each sign’s condition and recommend and seek approval for any repairs and maintenance – everything we do is focused on keeping your sign in peak condition and functioning efficiently during all stages of its lifecycle.

Let’s face it; a poorly operating sign suggests a poorly operated business. You simply can’t afford to leave your signs’ continuing and successful operation to chance. How often do you ‘look’ but not ‘see’ your signs? Perhaps they’re not all visible on your journey into work so you might not realise they’re out of action. Do you see them by day and night? Signman Says will take away the worry by keeping an eye on your signs for you.

We perform sign maintenance services on all shapes, sizes and types of signs in the Brisbane area. That is why Signman Says are the Brisbane sign specialists.